Combank Comlex Combank ComlexNow is the time to get your bank to start working for you. Brent Passey (@DOmedstudent). Used Comquest exclusively, did about 1800 questions, averaging 70% at the end. #2: Do Use a COMLEX-Specific Qbank. Failure to deliver the placenta within 30 mins of birth Manual extraction may result in profuse, uncontrollable bleeding, w/ retention of most or all of the placental tissue Emergent hysterectomy is required Placental villi attach to the surface of the myometrium. The best COMLEX Level 3 practice exam to use is the COMSAE exam. Question regarding oral thrush. I did both usmle and comlex step 1 and I liked the uworld practice test. Uworld 47% correct with 33% used welCOM 77% 6/20 Just curious on what the consensus is our school requires a 460 on 106 to sit for comlex but I have heard you need at least a 500 for passing from classmates. My residency program is offering me either Uworld or Combank, and I cant decide which to grab. Any score over 700 is really really high, and scores over 800 are rarely heard of for Level 1. I then signed up for COMBANK for the last 5 days before COMLEX Step 2. Pass The COMLEX PE With Confidence. Mar 28, 2016 #6 COMBANK f**king blows. The following advice and suggested COMLEX Level 3 study plan was written by Daniel Duck, DO, Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow at Penn State Health. Amboss or Uworld for COMAT? : r/comlex. Then I went on the homepage and it said my percentile for the last 100 Q’s was in the 20th percentile. Prior to that I only did uworld. Just got 62% / 52nd percentile (3. This platform is comparable to other top tier question banks and we believe would serve as a primary resource for any student preparing for their COMLEX exams. I took the comsae part D today just to see where I am at - 419. COMLEX Level 2 CE Exam Review: Ethics, Format, etc. So it’s likely that the combank users are the bottom half of the class which is why they are more focused on comlex while uw users are stronger students. Hey! I already took comsaes and was wondering if its a half exam like the COMSAE's so I know what i'm sitting for before purchasing. barely started board prepping and just been using combank, and comquest for comats. It is the gold standard for innumerable reasons and that extends to both step AND comlex. Why COMLEX OMM Practice Questions Are Essential Exam Prep. I personally did not do uworld for it. Think about question banks now, which to use, what to do about COMQUEST vs COMBANK for Level 3, how long to study, who your favorite March . 01) and not ranking COMBANK (question bank for COMLEX-USA) as the most helpful. Doing practice questions allows you to apply concepts instead of just memorizing them. I, for the life of me, cannot find this post. The latest Tweets from Brent Passey (@DOmedstudent). You absolutely do not need to take Step 3 and no one cares for fellowship. The curves are brutal and the tests are complete crapshoots. I say most because mine was actually dead-on, but the reported SD tends to be ~60-125 points which is insane lol. Did both, over the course of 8 weeks, about 2 hrs per day, plus Master the Boards for Step 3 and Savarese. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. bank again on timed, random mode (I used tutor mode during my first pass). Learn strategies and share tips for the USMLE and COMLEX Step 1, 2 and 3. Read the green book once and do combank and you’ll be fine. The examination is divided into two 4-hour sessions. There are now 4 discount code, 6 deal, and 1 free shipping promo. If you search some older reddit posts about resources for Level 3 you will see people have had success with everything. If you want a 2nd full length Qbank then go with COMQUEST. Combank assesment 2 score correlation : r/comlex. combank was 100 bucks cheaper with code too. The Top COMLEX Level 2-CE Study Resources for DO Students. Nonetheless have pre-test jitters. Objectives This study aims to TrueLearn COMBANK (61%) USMLE Rx (39%) Boards and Beyond (22%), First . At this point I’m just trying to find some good motivation until COMLEX tbh and being shown in the 20th. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and COMAT shelf practice questions and OMM videos. Wanted to see thoughts on how adequate truelearn's combank is compared to the actual comlex level 1 as a Qbank. 5 weeks by memorizing Chapman points, viscerosomatic levels and working through as much of the Combank questions as you can. Have just been doing COMQUEST questions, which I heard were a bit more like the real comlex than COMBANK, but both qbanks should be good. Pick your poison, but pick one. Especially if you are weak in one of those areas maybe focus a little …. S: I will be taking my exam in June and I would love to Forums. Hey there MCATers! I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming event that will most definitely be of interest to you: The Student Doctor Network invites you to attend: Test Prep Week 2009″ January 26 30 Test Prep Week is an online trade show that allows companies offering. Just reviewed OME OMM portion , TurnUp2Law Deck on anki and dirty ethics youtube series. The COMLEX is not so straight forward with the question stems and many …. Continue browsing in r/comlex r/comlex This subreddit is designed to help osteopathic medical students prepare for the COMLEX exams (Level 1, 2 CE, and 3), answer any questions, recommend resources, etc. r/step1 • PASSED YESTERDAY - Entire Write-Up. Combank % correct: 71% 2/3 Comquest % correct: 70% COMSAE 112: 517 Actual LEVEL 2: 517 I never post on reddit but figured I'd help encourage those who struggle with standardized exams like I do. I used the UWorld and COMBANK to reinforce the information that I had learned from Sketchy. If you are mailing a payment, please use the Little Rock address. i think i was able to find one for 20% off …. Believe it or not, COMLEX season is just around the corner. I had less than a month and a half of dedicated. LEVEL 2 SCORE RELEASE 9/26/23 : r/comlex. Here are a few of my thoughts on the product:. To get in touch with us, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Coach's Corner Purcellville, Purcellville, Virginia. COMBANK Assessment #1 = 438-453 (also taken June 1, calmed me until I read it overpredicts) I studied like a mad-woman. The thing is I feel like combank is more This subreddit is designed to help osteopathic medical students prepare for the COMLEX exams (Level 1, 2 CE, and 3), answer any questions, recommend. A high score on the COMLEX Level 2-CE has gained importance for many residency program directors – often requiring submission of the score prior to inviting you to an interview or ranking you for residency. SOMA members receive a 20% discount on all USMLE and COMLEX products! SOMA members also receive a FREE medEssentials for the USMLE Step 1 ebook! CLICK HERE to access your discount code. UWorld- use very rarely, but averaging about 50% correct when I do use it. - con: geared towards USMLE (didn't do as well on COMLEX last year partly due to less exposure to COMLEX style questions), expensive. I recently applied to Blackrock for an SWE internship for next summer and we have 4 days to complete the codevue assessment. Level 1 score is 86 percentile and Step 1 score is at 46 which is a huge difference. Honestly was just hoping for passing at that point. I have also done UW, it is helpful to learn but I wouldn’t say it is similar to COMLEX. Didn't touch Savarese, because I'd heard that they had moved away from the high yield stuff that used to be in there, so I just used COMBANK for OMM (my school also taught OMM pretty well, so I already felt mostly prepared). Expanded features for the 4th edition. See why Compassbank is the smart choice for helping you meet your financial goals. I took level 2 CE after doing really well on the COMSAE and I thought it was the true COMLEX everyone complains about: Vague. COMSAE ASA 108b Form (3 days out) = 600. I haven’t received my score yet but from weeks of lurking and …. I think it's important to do comquest or combank because honestly, I saw questions on their that were dead on exactly the same as some on level 3 and the CDM is more accurate on these banks. Kaplan's COMLEX Level 1 + Step 1 Qbank gives you all the exam-like practice you could ever need—with 1400+ Level 1 questions and 3300+ Step 1 questions. On the Comptia site there are multiple versions of Certmaster: Learn, Practice, and Labs. Learn more about that alignment in COMLEX-USA and the NBOME’s other assessments. COMSAE 105b to COMLEX Level 1 is a 116 point difference. Investing in Treasury Bills and effecting payments for share trading transactions is also possible, with self-registration of the users CDS number. Who should I share that with? I am interested in writing or editing items for TrueLearn’s SmartBanks. Comlex 3 Flashcards & Quizzes. Of course combank is geared more towards comlex and usmle world towards usmle but I heard that usmleworld questions are more difficult and if you can answer those you can definitely pass comlex. I took COMLEX 3 back in March after going through about 800 questions of COMQUEST. Truelearn (Combank) 58% correct with 100% complete current random 40 questions from the whole bank is usually a 70-85% correct. View community ranking In the Top 10% of largest communities on Reddit. Honestly stressing out a lot about this. Courtney will be visiting MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine to talk about how to succeed on the Level 1 exam. My exam is coming up but I am not sure if I should move it. Last COMSAE Phase 2 was a few months ago at a 620. i guess n=1 but i did uworld system by. I got wrecked on NBME 21 with a 219 today, namely in anatomy and 'General Practice'. What percentage of correct questions equals 400 or 500 on. This is all i complete in the day. Board Resource: Uworld (COMLEX 1 sub) vs COMQUEST vs …. COMSAE (ASA109) 2 weeks out: 481 (bad performance on my part, felt it as I was taking it) COMSAE (ASA110) 1 week out: 528 (first one after actually studying OPP, …. Anyone take this this year & pass Level 1? What score did you get & how far out from your exam? Thank you. Do as many practice questions as possible. COMLEX Level 2 CE (similar to Level 1) • Computer-based cognitive examination • 2 computer-based test sessions of four hours each taken on one day and contains a total of approximately 400 test questions related to diverse clinical presentations. I know that TrueLearn/COMBANK is the one my school pushes, but STATPEARLS is cheaper and offers more questions. With our Step 3 CCS program, you will get grading based on 5 different categories: Diagnostic Order, Preventative Orders, Timing, and Appropriateness of orders. I didn't think comquest was very representive of comlex level 2. I have First Aid, UWorld, Boards and Beyond, Pathoma, CramFighter, COMBANK, and DIT. Resources & Reviews | How About A Second Opinion? undefined. if u r in dedicated time; do qbanks like exam style - 2 blocks straight then review. We will review your concerns and we will get back to you. (Note: COMLEX-USA Level 1 transitioned to reporting. I think either way you’ll be learning material for the level 2 other than OMM. Curriculum Vitae David Braun, M. Within the Dimension II category of the NBOME, the Management category has the largest portion of questions for the. I did combank all the way through once (half-assedly, while on nights), and I did about the same as level 2. Its site offers several levels of testing, helping customers succeed by ensuring they are prepared. Test Prep Week is an online trade show that allows companies offering products and services of interest to the Student Doctor Network. It’s #TestingEffectThursday! #COMLEX Level 2 CE SmartBank users… this one is for you! Leave your best guess below. Studying for COMLEX Level 3: Best Prep Resources. UW: 68% finished a few weeks ago. Watch our new on-demand webinar hosted by COMBANK Founder and CEO, Joshua Courtney, DO, and our Director of Academic Success, Sherry Smith, Ph. OFFICIAL COMLEX LEVEL 2 CE 2020 EXPERIENCE : r/comlex. I have 2 weeks before my next test. COMBANK also offers a number of features, including the ability for students to compare their test scores against those of other peers across the United States. Edit: just noticed this question was for Level 2. The first step to take in preparing for COMLEX Level 3 is to develop a timeline of when you will take the exam and how much time you have to prepare. Thought the q bank was decent but the practice exams definitely over-predict in general. New COMLEX-USA Level 1 Score Prediction Model for Learners. Compared to UWorld, combank's questions are more first ordered and many questions felt like step 1 questions (remembering if a disease is autosomal dominant vs recessive, some histology findings) I did Combank because that’s what I’m used to (our school gave it to us for free Level 1 and Level 2) and it got me where I wanted to be. These will help you in classes too. used comquest to study and used the clinical cases on nbome to get familiar with the bs question format. The COMLEX felt like a blend between the two (but no weird court cases etc) Our school also heavily emphasized OMM toward the end of the term. The Student Doctor Network invites you to attend: Test Prep Week 2009″ January 26 30. 9% (spot on the average), completed all once, timed, 15-50 question sets, random and by subject Comquest: 69. It’s over predictive if it’s the same test as last year. COMBANK Assessment 2 (3 weeks out) = 541. Taking UWSA2 this week and then Step 2. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us. Annotated everything into FA and a text document as I went. How accurate are the True Learn COMBANK assessments? For Level 1. Single answer item types typically make up 60-70 percent of the entire examination. If I can pass that exam with minimal study, most anyone can. Once you complete all of the questions in a …. 270 Cards – 10 Decks – 1 Learner. FREE STUFF! Now that I have your attention. Right now my stats are: Comquest- 75% done, 62% correct, predicted 483. Communities Pre-Med Medical Resident Audiology Dental Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Podiatry Psychology Rehab Sci Veterinary. Then just doing combank or comquest will be enough. Contains 2,400+ high-yield COMLEX A comprehensive review in Osteopathic Medicine featuring COMLEX online . Study COMBANK - COMLEX Journal with flashcards, multiple choice questions, and games. Thank you for your response! Our school assigned 2 separate COMBANK assessments. A retrospective and correlative analysis of academic. I had to recently take both 107 and 106 to test out for my school. I've read that uworlds CDM case equivalents are radically different format and was wondering if anyone recommends combank over comquest (or vise verse). I did read one person’s post that stated COMBANK assessment #2 was most predictive for them, but that’s n = 1, and I can’t find it anymore. COMBANK or COMQUEST +/- UWorld. Different style questions and not as much video content which I've found helpful. I used mainly Combank for Level 1. Our goal is for you to get higher scores with less preparation time, less anxiety, and while receiving amazing support along the way. Assess ur knowledge honestly; weak areas, strong ones. The continuous repetition of the material through qbanks made the material stick in my head. Total 280 non-CDM questions on Day 1. The Combank and Comquest questions I only did during the few days between my Step and Comlex exams and then the days before my Comats, and I only did the questions to get familiar with the question format. It's not simply the resources that get you an honors like others here have said. Residents usually utilize one of two questions banks, either COMBANK from TrueLearn or COMQUEST. This forum made possible through the generous support of SDN members, donors, and sponsors. I did a little bit of looking into it and seemed that Comquest was well-liked, but there's no definitive answer. As the final exam in the COMLEX series, it’s no surprise that the COMLEX Level 3 is an extremely challenging and diverse assessment. COMSAE 102 (took in between USMLE and COMLEX) - 598 Combank - 69% but didn't even come close to finishing it. Dunno if I passed yet but day 2 was pretty terrible. Comlex 1 score: 545 Comlex 2 score: 594. And I know a lot of people who failed level 1 using combank and went back and did comquest too and they passed. One week you'll hit 600+ and the next you'll barely break 500. Items that precisely match the format of the exam, plus memorable rationale that explain difficult concepts well are what differentiate a high-quality bank from one that is not-so-high quality. 4,385 likes · 31 talking about this · 17,476 were here. Prepare for the COMLEX® Level 1 Exam with UWorld's Step 1/Level 1 combo or OMT supplement add-on. I have classmates who used COMQUEST and liked. COMLEX-USA Computer-Based Examinations. Osteopathic med student Lincoln Memorial Univerity LMU-DCOM 2014. A Solid COMLEX Score May Be Enough To Compete for Most Specialties. Osteopathic Med Student (2023). I'm taking COMSAE form 106 in …. Can I just avoid level 3 and take step 3 alone as a DO?. I felt like I was ready and didn't need to study as much as I did for COMLEX 2 (480). asked questions comlex level 3 practice test q bank truelearn combank comlex level 1 practice questions test uworld medical ged math practice tests varsity tutors november 2022 general election california fair political high school physics practice tests varsity tutors homepage nextgen climate action committee osteopathy. She admits to thinking that she may have. Anybody hear about a delay in scoring?. Studied on and off for about 6 weeks. Went through COMBANK with a 70% correct/71st percentile, got through first aid, and watched sketchy for pharm and a bit of micro. Less than three weeks out of COMLEX. OMS is a for pre-med and current med students alike. As mentioned, our CDM cases are only available to our COMLEX Level 3 users. I’d say comquest is better than combank so do that and either Uworld and/or Amboss, my plan is to do all three. Mine was very heavy on medicine. Got a 304 on my most recent COMSAE (109), my COMLEX 1 is scheduled to be taken in 6 days. He offered to let me try the COMBank COMLEX PE program and see what I thought before …. It also has way better explanations than combank. Block 2: 140 questions in 210 minutes/3. it made me a better resident and i scored 925, so suck it. Prepare for Level 1, Level 2 CE, Level 3, and COMAT shelf exams with our practice …. Got a great score but also don't feel like I spent too much time studying. We’ll continue improving the app and gradually adding new features. Joined Feb 10, 2015 Messages 17 Reaction score 7. -Comquest question style is the most similar to the real deal. (question bank for COMLEX-USA) as the most helpful question bank (P<. When I help students prepare for the COMLEX, I always recommend that they use a COMLEX-specific Qbank (COMBANK or COMQUEST) in addition to USMLE World. COMBANK (question bank); and Kaplan USMLE (lecture videos). The three most popular are First Aid for Step 2, Step Up to Step 2, and Master the Boards Step 2. I think COMQUEST came out later in the testing season so not many people were able to take it. I did UWorld also with only a 10 point increase. I remember breezing through Combank in 2-3 days (the entire bank), but then was shocked by the paragraphed questions that I was given on the actual exam. They weren't even close to my score and were sporadic. See more of COMBANK on Facebook. Only practice test was Comsae 103b: 623 a few weeks out. We understand how challenging it is to find time between rotations to study for the COMLEX. 515 on the new COMSAEs is pretty decent actually. If you are rock solid on OMM, Savarese is probably fine. I also found when I took the …. Objective: To explore the association between scoring at least 600 on COMLEX-USA Level 1 and grade point average (GPA), scores on the Medical College …. CM/ECF Help Desk for Attorneys and Limited Filers. There are a handful of states that require it and do not take Step 3 as a substitute. Residency is daunting in itself and requires its own dedication. This subreddit is designed to help osteopathic medical students prepare for the COMLEX exams (Level 1, 2 CE, and 3), answer any questions, recommend resources, etc. However, as more medical licensure exams move to Pass/Fail scoring, soon the COMLEX will also. men > female bc possibly HLA B27. About 70-85 percent of all questions on the COMLEX Level 1 stem from “Scientific Understanding of Health and Diseases Mechanisms. Joined Jun 12, 2022 Messages 247 Reaction score 189. ANd will flip thru my Step 2 kaplan book to fill in gaps. Popular COMLEX Study Resources. TrueLearn SmartBanks for Medical Exam Preparation. ” Cram Fighter goes beyond study plans for the USMLE and COMLEX board exams. dont forget how much Msk, OMM, and ethics are tested on comlex. FYI, you should always add a third option that says “show me answers” to avoid people who have not tried either just answering the first one to see the results. It covered most concepts on my exam, and the score predictor was exact. 200+ unique practice questions for each subject align to the latest NBOME blueprint, COMAT-style …. Any score over 600 is seen as competitive for most specialties. COMBANK’s testing interface has been fully updated to replicate the look and feel of the new Prometric interface for COMLEX-USA Level 1. I had no Chapman's, no cranial, 1 sacrum question. Uworld first pass (60% through first pass when I took level 2): 66%. Did not use Uworld because 1) Overkill, 2)Expensive. MMT Scapular Adduction and Downward Rotation by Dr M Usama. com/channel/UCZaDAUF7UEcRXIFvGZu3O9Q/join My goal is to reduce educational disparities by making education …. How accurate are the True Learn COMBANK assessments? For Level 1 : r/comlex. 10 COMBANK COMLEX-style question database COMBANK uses active learning principles to optimize your Level 1 preparation through testing and real-time assessment Offers USMLE-style questions Cost $109 - $389 for access ranging from 1 month to 1 year New COMAT practice question databases Cost $49 per subject or $249 for all 7 subjects. Took comlex 2/24 & 2/25 Internal Medicine PGY-2 Scored 613 on COMLEX 3 (comlex 1 - 603, comlex 2 - 648). I thought that COMBANK/TrueLearn was the most similar of the question banks out there to the actual COMLEX, if that helps- similar in terms of question style, content, and also videos- like they had videos of the exact same scenario that I had a video on in my COMLEX. so do you recommend using Combank strictly for the COMLEX or Uworld as well? i am currently using both. runthiscity said: I used Comquest after using ComBank for levels 1 and 2. I see that people have been getting their scores backs for the new COMLEX 3 exam. COMSAE's DIT DIT DIT DIT Do more questions Doing more Combank questions in general, doing …. Prepare for COMLEX Level 1 with COMBANK, the OMM question bank with over 2500 practice questions. COMBANK Discount : comlex. Revised chapter material that reflects the most recent updates in osteopathic medicine. Each of the COMAT Clinical subject exams consists of 120 items that must be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes. 2K subscribers in the comlex community. I take COMLEX III in 11 days, nervous. I have a discount for truelearn/combank for comlex level 3. My COMSAEs have been 101: 387 (April); 103: 408 (May), 102: 415 (June). They may not be written in the trash verbiage/trickery that comlex is, but you learn the concepts best with UWorld. lolnotacop anki for micro with some additional bugs from physeo, could use comparative microbiology being first aid or uworld tables. Its 125 questions mostly high yield stuff like tx/dx of the spinal regions, oa, cranium, pelvis, extremities and sacrum. Been preparing with Zanki, FA/Pathoma, and UWorld/COMBANK. r/comlex on Reddit: How was comsae 108? Why do I feel like combank. Joined Jan 17, 2001 Messages 769 Reaction score 52. :( comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Management of less common associations may be seen, such as rapid ventricular response (diltiazem) and Wolff-Parkinson-White. Combank or Comquest for Level 3? : r/comlex. He offered to let me try the COMBank COMLEX PE program and see what I thought before it was released. Most of the material is in a cloze format. Do not sit for either Step 1 or Level 1 until. Then they also use an Osteopathic Medicine book such as OMT Review: A Comprehensive …. This is my second time taking the test and I. Have a bad history with COMLEX (failed Level 1 by 3 points), and just realized I have an interview …. However, this thinking has changed as more …. You do not need to study 30 min everyday for the COMLEX. The e-Banking platform supports bill payments to more than 36 entities in nine categories – Telephone, Electricity, Water, Credit cards, Insurance, Pay TV, Schools, Rates and Other. is a collection of questions, analytics, and assessments to help you prepare for exams. I've completed UWorld once and almost done with COMBANK. COMSAE is more like COMLEX in regards to the format so it might be good to get one to see how the test day format would feel. I have been through FA, DIT, and Pathoma. For those of you prepping for COMLEX Level 3: AIRWAY, AIRWAY, AIRWAY!!! This can't be emphasized enough. iamstudentdoc said: COMQuest, TrueLearn (COMBANK), Vs UWorld dillema. best muzzle brake for 350 legend. The NBOME currently maintains three common item types. Truelearn/combank SA #2 and comlex. A side benefit for DO students planning to take both the USMLE and COMLEX is that the preparation will be the same for both exams with a few modifications. $15 Off COMLEX Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Exam Prep* Expires: No Expiration. - pro: known as the best out there for board prep. During your second year of medical school, you’ll come face-to-face with the COMLEX Level 1. r/usmle • For COMLEX III, TrueLearn COMBANK or. Truelearn is fine for learning some material but the real exam is nothing like their questions. The real test is also unlike comsae because the comsae has super short stems whereas the real test has way longer stems. I suggest taking a COMSAE if you haven’t to get a feel for NBOME type material. Kaplan step Qbank Kaplan comlex Qbank (for DOs) Rx Truelearn/COMBANK step Truelearn/COMBANK comlex (for DOs) Amboss BnB UWORLD + 2 UWSAs NBME NBOME/COMSAE (for DOs) CONQUEST (for DOs) All those have over 2-3K questions. Every examination in the COMAT series has multiple forms, and all are psychometrically equivalent in content covered, level of difficulty, and reliability, allowing COMs to. Combank? Is doing combank necessary? Only have 2 more days and dont think I have time for it after Savarese. It’s mostly just who would you refer to, which imaging and IM. Summary of the Best COMLEX Level 1 Prep Resources. 58% doing all the COMQUEST questions. I took it in September, only used Combank questions and scored >800. I did NBMEs in numerical order, one a week from about 7 weeks out NBME 18: 217 NBME 20: 225 UWSA1: 249 NBME 21: 240 NBME 22: 234 NBME 23: 240 NBME 24: 244 UW 1st pass: 73% UWSA2: 248 Free 120: 88% Was truly a lazy …. 2019 COMLEX + COMBANK Updates. The NBOME seal, the assessment names COMAT®, COMLEX®, COMLEX- . Mine underpredicted by a couple of points. Pass your ABEM exams with TrueLearn's emergency medicine question bank. Hey Guys, I'm retaking my COMLEX Level 1 next week and I just finished a mock test using COMBANK question bank. COMLEX only lets you take an authorized break after each set of two blocks. Some of those issues may have been addressed. I'm planning on sitting sometime in late June (COMLEX only). You should study for one exam during second year, step 1. How was it? What did you use to study and would recommend to future test-takers? Anything particularly high-yield? Good luck everyone!. Licensing Examination) (review book), the COMSAE (practice examination);. Over 2,400+ COMLEX Level 1-Formatted Test Items. I also did an OMT refresher with the Savarese book and used COMBANK again. They always try to trick you in the most stupid way and most of them are not even staying true to the LOS. mimics radicular pathology or sciatica. If there was a camera on my face during the exam, it would show a mime’s full arsenal of expressions. An emerging Step 2 CK question bank, TrueLearn’s USMLE Step 2 CK SmartBank is quickly becoming one of the most comprehensive exam preparation tools available. Comsae vs Comlex Score : r/step1. Go to comlex r/comlex • by DocAzizi. COMLEX Level 1 question of the day! What do you think the answer is? Comment below! #truelearn #medschool #residency #comlex #studytools. UWorld prepares you well for Step 3, but definitely not Level 3. Whatever worked best on your comats. Scored >700 using these, but I think it's more important how you use whatever qbank you choose. ***Cash is not accepted in this office. At COMBANK we understand the need to have the highest quality content possible. That is the opportunity the TrueLearn portal creates. Registry of Federal and State Addressees Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 5003 (e) Statement About Your Social Security Numbers (Official Form B121) - Information. See why Compassbank is the smart choice for helping you …. A 27-year-old female with a history of sickle cell anemia and chronic pain syndrome presents to the emergency department with worsening nausea, vomiting, and fatigue over the past few days associated with worsening joint aches, chest pain, and shortness of breath. First Aid References Available. I am an IMG and have been prepping for the steps since quite some time and have seen Phloston, Transposony's and others' threads for their respective years and how helpful they have been. Several of my classmates did similarly. I also did combank and one comsae which I passed very comfortably. Thank you to our Sponsors: https://www. Go to comlex r/comlex • Posted by Late_College_98. Emergency Medicine COMAT : r/comlex. When setting up a new test in COMBANK, you now have the option to select CDM only cases, non-CDM cases or a mixture of both. COMLEX Qbank, Combank Comquest COMSAE given during dedicated, not the day after FOBS. I have classmates who used COMQUEST …. I was planning on using it along side 2nd pass of uworld as a replacement for reading FA. Sad as it is to say, level 2 is such an inferior test that in retrospect UW was actually overkill imo. Just as with preparing for Step 1 and Level 1, the trick here is to choose a few key resources and master them: COMQUEST: again, I personally prefer this one to COMBANK. com/belly & FanDuel Sportsbook app, promo code BELLY & https://www. Sort by date Sort by votes Doctor4Life1769 **tr0llin, ridin dirty**. Preparatory exam for COMLEX Level 2CE. COMLEX-USA Level 3 is a two-day, computer-based examination assessing competence in the foundational competency domains required for generalist physicians to deliver safe and effective osteopathic medical care and promote health in unsupervised clinical settings. Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. Now, for Level 2, I am completing all of the OMM, biostats, and ethics questions on TrueLearn/COMBANK before I sit for the exam. I have COMBANK, and I'm wondering what the best OMT review videos are. 5 hours per half day so allot around 1 hr 45 min per 70 question block since they give you the full 3. Between the two tests I watched dirty medicine omt and did a ton of combank questions. I've been studying for both since March. Psychiatry Residents: How much did you prepare for Step 3?. However, I did Honor the rotation and got 93%ile on my surgery COMAT. Mine unfortunately also had a whole lot of counterstrain. Of that I'd say 40% was viscerosomatics, 30% was a mix of counterstrain & ribs, 15% was muscle energy & 15% were random other topics. Remember to always incorporate osteopathic. Happy studying! Our best advice is to start studying early and develop good study habits. I used UWorld to build a foundation and COMBANK to test memorizable facts. My COMLEX level 1 is on 7/17 and I'm starting to freak out. But again, everyone uses all/most of these resources. I would say it felt similar to NBME 7, less dense than UWSA1. (I know some one posted this for the USMLE already) but I was curious if any one out there used Kaplan Qbank and what they were scoring before taking the COMLEX II CE and then what you ended up getting on the COMELX II CE. s, tell us about COMLEX Level 3 : r/Residency. TrueLearn’s Step 2 CK SmartBank Outperforms UWorld. 68% of any data set in a normal Gaussian distribution falls within +/- 1 SD +/- 2 SD = COMAT score of 80-120. Combank Comlex Level 1 Simulation Test - Quick Question. Hello - OMS-2 here, only taking COMPLEX level 1 in 40 days. Each of the 8 COMAT unique and specific question banks highlight all the unique features COMAT has to offer. Brand new and freshly edited COMLEX practice questions to reflect 2023 -2024 changes available now! 3. To do really good know the chapmans points, viscerosomatics, details about the gait, and tenderpoint dx/tx. TrueLearn/COMBANK Self-Assessment 3 weeks out: 522-562. Master concepts like A patient with crampy, severe abdominal pain that does not produce guarding or rebound tenderness is most likely afflicted with what?, In a patient with small bowel obstruction, why should the NG tube be placed on the "low intermittent" …. You should also do another COMLEX-specific qbank. However, UWorld recently launched a …. The wholly multiple-choice question (MCQ) format of the Levels 1 and 2-CE is now expanded to include both extended MCQ and short answer questions, and the range and depth of domains tested. We are building content to help everyone succeed. The exams do have some notable differences: like the COMLEX Level 2-CE, …. Is TrueLearn/COMBANK down for anyone else? I can't even get the webpage to load. KYCOM provides uworld (which is a step exam prep) and ComBank (comlex prep). Report Abuse COMSAE Answers? Preclinical GPA and MCAT scores continue to be important predictors of scoring at least 600 on COMLEX-USA Level 1. I remember getting through all the questions for COMBANK on step 2 and then buying comquest and thinking multiple times “thank god I got this as there were. I know I’m on limited time, but hoping to target high-yield stuff that’ll grant easy points. Don’t waste your time with uworld. These cases and questions are presented in 2 sections consisting of 13 cases each. It is good for chapman's points, however. Once throughout the year by breaking it up into completing X # of questions per day and the 2nd time during the last month before the exam. Also forgot most of OBGYN and Peds as an IM resident. Hi friends, I got an awesome COMLEX Truelearn COMBANK Level 3 School Group Discount! It expires soon! https://truelearn. UWSA1 was 260 4 days before, I felt confident enough to sit for it with that. Online question banks: Utilize reputable question banks such as COMBANK, COMQUEST, or UWorld to practice and assess …. I took comlex a week after step. COMBANK vs COMQUEST for COMLEX Level 2 CE. I’ve heard that combank notoriously overpredicts whereas comquest seems more in line with question style. The exams do have some notable differences: like the COMLEX Level 2-CE, questions on the COMLEX Level 3 will include a clinical scenario. COMLEX Level 1 COMBANK CARDS 100% CORRECT. I know that many people say that this exam is "easier" than the others but I wanted to get people's opinion on what the best QBank was to study with (I learn best from questions). In addition to covering basic science content, students preparing for the COMLEX Level 1 exam should also thoroughly review the osteopathic-specific content that appears on this exam. Osteopathic Medicine: KPCOM Library Guide. This is an important concept for you to grasp when preparing your COMLEX study plan for. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For Level 1, most osteopathic students find COMBANK very helpful and say . Be sure you understand the differences between the two test blueprints and also allow enough time to rest before taking COMLEX-USA. Someone scored a 30% recently and is a bit salty, huh? Jokes aside, his Q. Always do omm stuff from dirtymed youtube as well as their ethics section+questions videos. Go to comlex r/comlex • by green-with-envy. The last few days i reviewed all of dirty medicine videos, OMM, Biostats. Level 1 was low 600s, Level 2 high 700s. However, the findings underscore the importance of maintaining a high GPA during the first 2 years of medical school and initiating COMLEX-USA …. Overview of Enhanced Test Items for COMBANK 2019. Promo Code Terms: *90-day or longer SmartBank subscriptions and bundles. Combank: Which one should I start. For COMLEX III, TrueLearn COMBANK or COMQUEST? 1 vote. pass your comlex and comat exams, guaranteed! COMQUEST ensures that you’re getting the most relevant content for the COMLEX and COMAT by regularly updating the practice questions. Commercial Bank, the only Sri Lankan Bank among the top 1000 Banks worldwide is known as the benchmark private sector bank in Sri Lanka. Agree with the above, Comsae's are useless. Please RSVP by EOD on Monday, July 17th. Lets breakdown a 50-item block on COMLEX * All questions be revolve around a case-based scenario * Images are utilized on roughly 4-6% of items 1) First 25-30 items are stand-alone single answer. Now I’d like to introduce you all to my newest furniture leveler. You can also use Step Up to Medicine instead. Practice Tests (COMSAEs, UWSAs, NBMEs): take as many as you can. Like you know the next step of you don’t. Brand new state-of-the-art platform available now!. Which one to use? There are two major Qbanks out there for the COMLEX: Combank and. Thread starter Drquad1981; Start date Aug 22, 2008; This forum made possible through the generous support of SDN members, donors, and sponsors. Founded by Kevin Baker and Daniel Frasca, who are both CRNA’s, APEX is a leading provider of high-stakes exam preparation and learning support …. COMLEX Level 1 QOTD Today's question is from TrueLearn's COMLEX Level 1 question bank. Come check out the Test Prep Week forum for Free Stuff. How I Scored a 790 on COMLEX Level 1, a 263 on USMLE. I made a 330 (sleep is important) and a 415. Yeah, they switched to new comsaes after reducing the number of questions from 50 to 44 per a block in August 2020 and I think the new comsaes came out earlier in 2021 to reflect this (105, 106 - available for purchase now; and 107, 108 available to COMs only). If you got those down you can pass. With a 460 you should be good to take it. By the time I took USMLE, I finished 90% of USMLEWorld. Only done with 25 % of Q from COMQuest and UWorld as of now, so can't finish both Qbank by the test date. Question; Level 2 CE - UWorld? TrashCanMan; Jun 15, 2018; USMLE and COMLEX …. At CompassBank, our seasoned personal bankers will listen to you and take the time to understand. Thread starter meliora27; Start date Jul 17, 2016; This forum made possible through the generous support of SDN members, donors, and sponsors. What qbank is better? Members don't see this ad. If you continue, the time on this subscription will begin. , "Can you believe that Niacin increases HDL is not the correct answer!?!"). Remember, usmle and comlex exam layout a bit different. My scores are somewhat similar to yours. Yes Im fully aware theres no real way to prepare for level III because its the comlex but any. First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS. We also are required to take and pass a …. I recently took COMSAE 104 and got a 465. The best COMLEX Level 3 practice exam to use is the …. Did about 50 q a day for 6 weeks prior to exam in December of intern year. For Level 1, you can mostly get away with using the “standard” USMLE Step 1 resources like First Aid, Sketchy, UWorld, and Pathoma, then adding on an osteopathic review through the Savarese book and/or …. Our school is forcing the class to complete a few thousand Truelearn/Combank questions and score a satisfactory percentage on them as part of a class and part of a boards barrier policy. They give you 10 min after block 2, 40 min after block 4 and 10 min after block 6. COMLEX 1 - 632 COMLEX 2 - 595 PGY-1 prelim med at large Midwest program. I’m shooting for ~500 so This was disturbing for me lol. The explanations were leagues better than combank, but not as good as uworld. May 25, 2012 #5 jumpmanv15 said:. Traditionally, students have used COMBANK and COMQUEST, which both do a good job of mimicking the question style of the COMLEX. Aiming for best possible score lol. To learn more about our UWorld COMLEX® Level 1 OMT Supplement or USMLE® Step 1/COMLEX® Level 1 combo QBank, click here. You can loosely convert that to a score, but the predictability is likely questionable at best. 1% of COMBANK with a 57% average. I think you'll find more 14K among all of them. COMQUEST: I personally prefer this qbank over COMBANK, though UWorld is superior to both (even for people studying just for the COMLEX); finish one pass. Now is the time to get started with our three-phase study approach. Practiced all the CDM cases from Comquest and NBOME, which was enough preparation for CDM. Here’s Your Free COMLEX Level 2 Practice Question. Have I sufficiently studied? : r/comlex. For COMLEX III, TrueLearn COMBANK or COMQUEST? Close. PSA: since many people seem to be unaware, Michael Mehlman is a predatory, misogynistic, self-proclaimed sex expert who has entire second website to teach men how to stalk and manipulate women into sex and dates. ApprehensiveSafe8143 • Additional comment actions. This differs from COMLEX Levels 2 CE and 3 where the weight is on …. When studying for your COMLEX exams, have you ever wished there was an easy way to see where your performance is now, where you need to be and how to get. Review Combank (and if time permits, Comquest) as many times as possible, be able to answer every question (to pinpoint your weaknesses) after re-doing the q-bank at least 3 times, and actually know everything in First Aidthe exam tests your knowledge, so knowing First Aid will help. Im two weeks out and I dont know if I should get comquest just for these last 2 weeks, but I do have a lot of combank to do so I'll prob just focus on that? Do you think I should take comsae 108-110, I took comsae 106/107 and honestly they were asking such low yield stuff, but im worried if thats how the actual comlex is. If you are also sitting for USMLE Step 1, your timed randoms in UWorld should be significantly. These include foundational abilities, representing the required elements, and outcomes that define knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, values, behaviors, and the established professional standards an osteopathic physician should possess. Def do some research on defi, automated market makers. Your First Free COMLEX Level 3 Question. For boards, the answer is a confident “Savarese + COMBANK. 2019 COMLEX + COMBANK Updates [On-Demand Webinar] COMLEX. I used both for step 1 and step 2. 100% Money Back Guarantee Immediately available after payment Both online and in PDF No strings attached. You can manage all your accounts from one place, and do your banking whenever or wherever it suits you. it did a good job at throwing a lot of the random bull **** into their questions just like COMLEX (calculating APGAR scores, bioterrorism, etc. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. The blocks are in sets of 50 questions, which leads to different pacing while working on timing. They were far too easy and Comquest had tons of one-to-two sentence questions. I have no clue how these match up to COMLEX and was wondering how they stack up (if at all). i always get down voted for saying uworld for comlex. I chose to take my test early in residency because I wanted to get it out of the way and be able to focus solely on work. Designed to gauge a candidate’s knowledge base and ability to prepare for the COMLEX-USA examination series. Members don't see this ad :) WonderBoy Full Member. COMSAE's aren't a good way to predict your score, I've heard they tend to "under predict" but ive also heard of people scoring +/- 100 points on the real thing. All of our USMLE prep—from Step 1 through Step 3 and COMLEX—is …. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like. I would say that WELCOM is more of a question bank. COMLEX Official 2019 Comlex 1 Experiences and Scores Thread. COMLEX Should I use UWORLD and COMBANK or Just UWORLD? Thread starter surfguy84; Start date Dec 9, 2016; This forum made possible through the generous support of SDN members, donors, and sponsors. There are lots of YouTube videos on those topics and get to the point where you can write them on your scratch paper during the tutorial on actual …. If you did well on the previous steps you will be fine. I was so fucking happy because I memorized the table in COMBANK for the viscerosomatics & …. I had quite a bit of micro (but those questions felt fairly straightforward and were the. Step 3 vs Comlex Level 3??. Additionally, you will encounter questions with both audio or visual components. I read on a thread that COMBANK for Step 3 is just their Step 1 and 2 questions reused, but then one of my friends stated the same exact thing for COMQUEST so I'm a. Started incorporating combank just for OMM. The format is very very similar to the real thing. COMLEX Level 3 Study Plan For Balancing Studying. I did about half of it and half of Uworld and got about an average COMLEX score. I figured since I had done better than the average I’d be higher in the percentiles. Go to comlex r/comlex • by FA for Psychiatry, and FA for Step 1 to learn content. Combank says to use fluconazole for oral thrush (candidiasis). You can expand each section to fill in your scores. Context: Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination-USA (COMLEX-USA) Level 1 scores are an important criterion used by residency directors to make residency placement decisions. Has anyone been through this yet? Will they have access to my camera/track tab switching? Also, does anyone know the level of difficulty the questions are in terms of leetcode? Thanks. COMBANK’s 3-Phase COMLEX Level 1 Study Plan. These both also have CDM format examples which are important to go over as well. Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana, is the 2023 recipient of the Greater New Orleans Louis A. COMBANK successfully prepared more than 30,000 Osteopathic medical students and residents for their COMLEX exams. Regarding OMM on the COMLEX, if you go through the OMT Review book and do multiple runs of the OMM questions from your question bank of choice, you will be fine. I got a very low predictive score for Combank SA but like with a huge range going all the way up to 600s from 400s. Just Took Comlex Level 2! Ama ↓ ↓ ↓. I took all of the ComBANK assessments (3-7, 360 qs total) today mostly to get a feeling of where my stamina was to see how I felt after doing a full length test. We maintain our commitment to the Osteopathic community by providing an effective learning platform, consistent with current Osteopathic philosophy, principles, and practice. COMSAE, WelCOM, and NBME practice exams. COMBANK: Very similar question style. Comlex Level I - 2,000+ COMLEX style questions, including 600+ OMM questions. I got >675- prepped with mainly UWorld + tzanki + some Combank sprinkled in because it was required by my school. If ur goal is just to pass, you don’t need to worry. Oct 6, 2022 #216 Has anyone been rejected or waitlisted? Alien Ai Full Member. Last year I was able to talk with Dr. For COMLEX level 1, I studied mostly from Uworld, Goljan and FA but spent some time with Savarese and the Kaplan COMLEX qbank (free via our school) also. Which COMLEX exam would you like to submit scores for? * COMLEX Level 1 COMLEX Level 2 CE COMLEX Level 3. 5K subscribers in the comlex community. The COMLEX-USA examination series is designed to assess the osteopathic medical knowledge and fundamental clinical skills considered essential for osteopathic generalist physicians to practice osteopathic medicine. I had one week left of dedicated so I read the entirety of first aid step 2, master the boards, and pestanas for surgery. SUPPORT/JOIN THE CHANNEL: https://www. This is similar to what is graded on the real test. i used comquest only as comquest was the cheapest after finding a code someone posted on reddit. Weekly USMLE Step 1 Thread : r/medicalschool. One new feature of the CDM cases is the short answer question. Go to comlex r/comlex • by COMBANK: 74% (this week). Felt like the first day was pretty easy, Thought I bombed the second day casesended up getting my best score out of all of my previous COMLEX exams. I also completed both the USMLE and COMLEX side of Combank, along . How representative was TrueLearn for Level 2 CE? : r/comlex">How representative was TrueLearn for Level 2 CE? : r/comlex. Test is split into 8* sections. The only people who struggle are those who have an intern year that's super specific like pathology, psychiatry, or some surgical sub-specialties which leads them to forget general medicine. Test Prep Week is an online trade show that allows companies offering products and services of interest to the. Osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) is a very important part of an osteopathic student’s curriculum and a big focus of the COMLEX exams. I actually really liked COMBANK. for practice tests I did combank practice questions since you can review answers. Didn't even truly finish it (I think I got through about 80%). 1300: NYITCOM Academic Technologies Group: atghelp@nyit. UWorld: complete at least one pass, ideally two. Have never had issues passing any boards in the past, am in a primary care specialty so general exposure to content has been decent throughout the year. Compare ur school exams to that assessment. “Integrated” OPP items, on the other hand, have been assimilated throughout the exam and they tend to be more clinical in nature. Have questions about the COMLEX? Leave them below! Today Dr. honestly, i would use uworld and finish the remaining 25% of the truelearn. Sports Go to comlex r/comlex. But Online Savarese > Green Book > combank>>> comquest for OMM imho. 736 (the highest out of any of the reported practice scores). So my 2nd pass would just be uworld and Rx …. I'll update when I receive my score, but predictor had me at about 247. We are excited to announce our new COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series! As of July 12, 2019, we will be launching 47 all-new videos that match the NBOME's new COMLEX Level 2 PE Blueprint! Learn more about. They sometimes bury the info in like a page long block of text. COMBank has always had solid products with quality content, but over the years of using them they do have a few grammatical and spelling errors fall through. I thought comquest was significantly better. Whatever fuck OMM and AT Still for life. Didn't pick all the right choices for the cases and even the multiple choice were so random. For example, if you have a hypertonic psoas, you’d recommend them to extend their thigh. You need to annotate UWorld somewhere, and having a review book provides the framework to do so. I've heard of OnlineMedEd, Dirty Medicine, Doctors in Training, and TheOMMedicine but don't know much about them. COMBank COMLEX Level 2 PE Review - Osteopathic Med Student Last year I was able to talk with Dr. Purpose Examine the factors improving performance on national medical licensing board examinations. It’s a lot of first-order questions, a lot of risk factors and “most common complication” questions, a ton of imaging. Anyone have an idea on how representative this even is? I took it bc my school had it for free. Dcom Comlex Pass Rate COMLEX Practice Question TrueLearn April 17th, 2019 - THE NEW COMLEX IS HERE Experience it First with COMBANK COMLEX Level 1 COMLEX Level 2 COMLEX Level 2 PE COMLEX Level 3 COMAT Shelf Exams OVER 93 Of Osteopathic students nationwide Use COMBANK to Pass their COMLEX Exams …. The NBOME seal, the assessment names COMAT®, COMLEX®, COMLEX-USA®, COMSAE®, COMVEX®, WelCOM® and CATALYST™, and all other designated marks and styles are trademarks or service marks of the NBOME. Joined Mar 19, 2012 Messages 710 Reaction score 398. So I only took COMLEX for level 3. Items are presented within COMBANK to mirror the style of questions tested by the NBOME, and are listed as follows: single answer items, multi-step cases and matching items. Go to comlex r/comlex • by promo code COMSAVE10 works for 10% off COMBANK banks and assessments until the end of june Reply More posts you may like. After using multiple COMLEX question banks for Level 1 and 2, I realized that quality is far more important than quantity and if I had to repeat it, I would focus on COMQUEST as my primary question bank. Also, the more q's you do the better you'll do. Not trying to aim for a crazy big increase like in the 600's for the comlex, but I am hoping to at least break 500 or 550 by mid-july. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. I’m planning on only taking level 1. NetBank is here to simplify your banking life. 5 months out): 701 COMBANK: 78% COMLEX Level I: 605-610 Studied exclusively for Step with UFAPS material + Anki and treated COMLEX as an afterthought. May not be directly USMLE related, but our school had use take a 200 question COMBANK COMLEX practice exam and I got 61st percentile. COMLEX Level 1 but not USMLE Step 1? Traditionally, students have used COMBANK and COMQUEST, which both do a good job of mimicking the question style of the . Business, Economics, and Finance. But yeah if you blast through one of the comlex banks beforehand then you should be good, and then maybe some Uworld as needed to cover weaker subjects. You'll need these credentials next time you want to sign in. Definitely felt awful after the exam (as usual) and felt like I stumbled though all the CDM cases. Combank level 3 promo : r/comlex. You’ll need to know yourself to determine how long you’ll need to study for COMLEX Level 3. Learn about latest NBOME changes to COMLEX-USA examination blueprints and discover how we have enhanced COMBANK …. I haven't done any OMT review yet besides a few questions, but I'm not sure OMT review/questions alone will get me an extra 30+ points, so if you guys have …. That's pretty close! I think that's probably close enough tbh. Most of COMBANK seemed 1st or 2nd order to me. I honesty felt like the comsaes were useless for step 1. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca …. For Combank the first one predicted me at like 820 lol second one low 700’s. Historically speaking, using Uworld has served me better for board prep with a little bit of combank/comquest on the side for …. For COMBANK, I had less than 100 questions left by the time I took COMLEX Step 2. COMLEX Level 1 TrueLearn COMBank With Complete Solution. This Website Uses Cookies We use cookies to personalize content, to provide social media features, to track performance, and to analyze our traffic. Since you don't get the answers in COMSAE, it is hard to tell if you know. Official 2020 COMLEX Level 2 CE Experiences and Scores Thread. Title: Combank | The Proven Standard in Comlex Testing Description: Combank is the proven leader in Comlex test preparation. And done 10 % of TrueLearn (COMBANK). I did a full up mock test 352 questions and I scored 52% average which I believe was their databases 53rd percentile for all students taking those same questions. 2016 COMLEX 2 CE please post how you prepared What scores you got while preparing UWORL, COMBANK, COMQUEST What was your experience with the test What Forums. less likely to have positive SLR. Step 3 --> Enter the Verification Code and click Next. COMBANK is just mirroring the real COMLEX Reactions: 5 users QualityProcess pgy4 at the greatest program on earth. Combank is decent, but WAY overpriced for the number of questions. The best promo available as of yesterday is 80% off from "Receive Free Shipping on Your First COMBANK. If the first over-predicts, I'll just assume that the.