2004 Ford F150 Vacuum Diagram

2004 Ford F150 Vacuum Diagram4 V8 and previous owner's mechanic had no regards to customer's vehicle and broke and mis-routed clips holding wires and vacuum lines. Other uses for this line include operating the transmission modulator, activating the EGR system, and controlling the purge valve on some fuel systems. And other vacuum hoses are in poor condition or questionably routed. Here is the HVAC vacuum line diagrams below. It will be colour coded, and there should be a sticker under your hood somewhere that shows vacuum hose routing. 3 power stroke diesel is from the high pressure pump (hpop) or lines. 2006 Ford F150 4X4 Vacuum Line Diagram. Vacuum diagrams; where to find them. What Is the Towing Capacity of the Ford F150?. Leave the port at the boost regulator open to atmosphere or get a vented cap with filter for it. 2004 FORD F150 4WD VACUUM LINE DIAGRAM. The Ford Parts online purchasing website ("this website"or "FordParts. Gen 2 Lightnings Gen 2 Parts Harley Davidson Edition F150 Introductions FLRC (Florida Lightning Rodder Club. My 2004 F 150 4X4 had a vacuum problem when I bought it recently and I - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The process will be similar for 3. 0l V6 Engine Vacuum Leak Testing … Nov 26, 2013 · Ford Escape 3. 58, 58vacuum, 88, 94, diagram, ford, lines, vacuum. First, the hose is made of rubber and is about 3/8″ in diameter. Also, there should be a rubber coupling to connect the plastic hose to the metal vacuum port. Vacuum pulls the hub up to 2WD, and the absence of vacuum outputs it. It has been a great truck to me. Buy Now!New 4 Wheel Drive Disengage Solenoid with Cover from 1AAuto. Switch to 4wd, the solenoid blocks off vacuum and the actuators lock to the axle. Title Type 2004 ford f150 heritage Browse and Read 2004 F150 5 4l Vacuum Diagram. Fuel Injection, Carburetion & Fuel System - Autozone. On my diagram located on the truck inside the engine compartment, i have this schematic (located below in picture). Click the 'X' on the upper right of the pop up, then you'll have a list of vacuum hose diagrams, based on the engine calibration code. 1988 F150 Vacuum Line Diagram. This diagram shows all of the different vacuum lines and hoses in your engine, as well as where they are located. In the schematic below the lines/colors should be reversed at the diaphragm. 2001 Ford Escape Radiator Hose Diagram - Atkinsjewelry …. If no vacuum at the I have a 2004 ford f-150 off road 5. The motor will run very poor due to this. 6 Vacuum leak - Ok, So i have had this 99 4. May 13, 2009 • 1988 Ford Ranger. Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Tarek. 0L V8 equipped cars, so refer to your underhood vacuum hose routing label for more details. I changed the lines, put in a new solenoid and new check valves, which made the grinding go away temporarily. Ford F 150 Vacuum System Diagram. It has several Serpentine Belt Diagrams for the 1987 Ford Pickups. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-07-21. I assume this is a F150, but not sure as you listed this as a 2004 5. There is a basic engine diagram on the emissions label under the hood. Chris (aka- Moose) Ford Technician. While cleaning up the mess of mesquite bean pods and a few cholla cactus pieces, I found the remains of a …. I also filler the radiator and i had water leaking out of a fitting that i thought was a vacuum fitting cause it was on the intake. Wiring Diagrams For Buick Park Ave; 2004 Ford F 150 Fuel Line Diagram; 00000001 Wiring Diagrams For Buick Park Ave - Subaru Forester Wiring Harness Diagram. 1986 Ford Ranger Vacuum lines wrong. I know this hose is hooked to the Charge motion Control Valve on the back of the. com" ) is brought to you by Ford Motor Company ("FORD") together with the Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership that you select as your preferred dealer ("dealer"). Vapor Canister Purge Valve Hose. This happened about 4 months ago and it was the mechanical vacuum pump. Any other vacuum related diagrams are in the Ford electrical and vacuum troubleshooting booklet. My guess is when you accelerate the vacuum drops on the fuel …. Do you need to Replace the PCV valve on your Ford F-150 Heritage (2004 - 2004) but don't know where to start? This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how. 1995 Ford F 150 Vacuum Diagram. Second opinion] Vehicle info: I have a daily driver 93 Ford F150 XLT extended cab 4x4 manual locking hubs with …. Unfortunately my sticker is gone! The vacuum system is generally set up so that your lines length and diameter only allow it to plug onto …. 1999 ford f 150 5 4 engine diagram wiring diagram database need a vacuum hose diagram for a 2004 f150 54 got a loose line at the rear of the motor. Posted by Anonymous on Mar 26, 2013. I'm looking for a Vacuum Diagram for F150 2004 Heritage XL V6, I believe heritage is because when I go to auto stores they …. I need vacuum line diagram for 2004 Ford F. Thanks for Watching!Please feel free to leave a comment I welcome constructive criticism. com Download and Read 2004 Ford F150 Vacuum Diagram 2004 Ford F150 Vacuum Diagram Title Type 2004 mazda rx8. The problem is from the mid 90's to around 2003 or 2004. Learn More #2: Engine Failure 2004 F-150 Average Cost to Fix: $5,800. Anyone have a parts or exploded view diagram of the front axle. Rubber vacuum system replacement (5. 00000004 FORD 2004 F150 HERITAGE USER …. Had some rodent damage to vacuum lines. 4 is a V8 engine that was produced by Ford Motor Company from 1997 to 2002. Second opinion] 2005 fx4 f150 extended cab water entering right side wire chase. 4L V8 Vacuum Line / Emissions Hose Replacement. I have a 2001 ford f-150 2wd with the 4. I also would like to know what color of PVS switch to use and how many ports. If you’re experiencing problems with your Ford F-150’s vacuum hubs, take it to a qualified mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Application Summary: Ford Expedition 2015-03, Ford F-150 2015-04, Lincoln Mark LT 2008-06, Lincoln Navigator 2015-03 The internal diaphragm on certain Ford and Lincoln vacuum-activated hub actuators is highly failure-prone. SOLVED: Ford vacuum diagrams needed. The rear intake vac connection is not drilled after 04 , it is so hard to deal with. 2008 F-150 vin 1FPX14V38FA72048 5. Coming from behind the battery to a t connector 1 ens with a blocking hose other one hose goes to a plastic tube with a 90 …. How Do You Reset the Oil Change Light on a 2009 Ford F150?. Where can I find a vacuum lines diagram for a 2000 Ford f150. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. 1980 - 1986 Bullnose F100, F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks Discuss the Early Eighties Bullnose Ford Truck Vacuum hose and EGR routing I hooked it back up, but could not get it to hold a vacuum. The only vacuum fitting on the back lower area of the intake plenum was on the driver side and serves as the vacuum feed for the brake booster. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-06-25. The bare plastic end should connect to a port on the back intake riser (it's the curved metal piece between the t-body and intake manifold). You would notice your defrost to floor not working if you had no vacuum. Of the three way's three connections, one connection is. What specific vacuum line is this on my 91 F150. Also looks like mechanic left shield off that goes on back of manifold. 4 V8 3 valve">Excess crankcase vacuum causing whistling on 5. Pink vacuum line goes from the solenoid closest to the engine to the plunger side of the diaphragm. 2004-2008 Ford F150 4x4 Auto Lock Hub Actuator Vacuum Solenoid #19 on Diagram - New OEM Factory Part. 5L 460? 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks 1987 - 1996 Ford F-150, F-250, F-350 and larger pickups - including the 1997 heavy-duty F250/F350+ trucks. You can buy these used on eBay for less than $20. 4 with a vacuum leak at rear of intake. 1997 Ford F 150 Vacuum Diagram. The vacuum system vary even year to year, sometimes even truck to truck. Your fuse box or boxes will house many different fuses, each one controlling one or a group of items similarly related. With 2 brands you can trust, our most popular Vacuum Pump products for the Ford F-150 parts are: Dorman Mechanical Vacuum Pump. The ESOF system is a godsend for drives who find themselves needing to use the F150’s 4WD system often. Not very smooth vacuum hoses not connected and broken. There are three nuts on the wheel side of the passenger side fender liner. As mentioned, many PCV valves are located on the passenger side valve cover; however, some later 5. Once you’ve found the fuse box, look for a label or diagram that shows which fuses control the AC system. 4 you could be experiencing a low grade misfire and replacing the COPs would fix that. I have no idea where it goes and think that is why my service engine light is on. Thanks that was just what I needed. This is where I found a hard-to-find vacuum leak on my Ford 4. Easy to swap out, one vacuum line, one electrical connection and two bolts. This is a Diagnostic tip for Ford Dealers. Also, the color of the wires of the DPFE sensor or EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid, on your Ford. Still a low idle and stall after a few minutes. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Installed new vacuum pump and clip on vac line broke - Title says it all. 4l from one of you guys? I know it's supposed to be on the underside of the hood but mine is missing. 2004 - 2008 F150 - 4x4 vacuum diagram? - I have a 2004 F150 5. I read somewhere the AutoZone had diagrams but …. Replace any worn belts at this time. There are also two more ports on the. Check for vacuum on the lines while shifting between modes. Cenli, I have a 2003 ford Expedition with a 5. I managed to find the leak by making a smoke machine, 2 holes in a sealed bucket, one for air pressure, the other with a lit cigarette inside the bucket and a line to one of the vacuum hoses. It also provides information on what each line does and how to properly maintain it. Understanding the vacuum line diagram is crucial for troubleshooting and maintaining the vacuum system effectively. There are a number of websites that offer vacuum hose diagrams for a variety of vehicles, including the 2001 Ford F150 5. 2004 FORD F150 4WD VACUME LINE DIAGRAM_ Submitted: 12 years ago. (see picture) We can't find anything that looks like it is …. #obsford #engine #vacuumlinesI bought 1 foot of 10 mm1. What i forgot was they control the heat and ac as well. Check the vacuum lines from the solenoids to the vacuum reservoir box behind the battery. Touch device users, explore by touch or …. If you had a vacuum leak, the front wheels would be locked in, or poping in and out of locked in, causing a grinding noise ( IWE gears not. I have taken it to two separate places, and neither can seem to find the intake vacuum line that is needed to do this work. As other member said, don't forget to test your air lines separately just to make sure. U0026 39 89 F150 Xlt 5 0 Manual 2wd Vacuum Diagram. Diagram of vacum hoses for ford focus 2006. I believe the original factory carb was maybe a Carter and that line was connected then. Check the vacuum hose from the engine intake manifold through the dash panel and into the truck to the control head. If your readings are significantly different, suspect a faulty MSS. sgtrock21 February 27, 2016, 10:36pm 13. I'm thinking hub bearing assy, the two orings per side, upper/lower ball joints, axle seal and greasing the needle bearing. I am rebuilding my Carter 1 barrel YFA Carburetor. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-06-10. I need a vacuum hose diagram for a 95 f150 straight 6. 0 so please excuse the duplicate if one is out there. The first section is the pump, which creates the vacuum. The arm that engages the differential is a little sloppy and can move. by 95fordf150 13 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:42 pm. Right now it is, and has always been disconnected since I owned the truck. I'm having difficulty even finding an engine parts diagram to identify vacuum part numbers that I can use for finding replacement parts. 5 58000 miles Volant cold air intake Flowmaster muffler So I …. Replaced both hubs, and the IWE solenoids on the firewall, so know the problem is the lines. Your readings should be approximately: 619 Ohms with the switch in 2H, 270 Ohms with the switch in 4H, and 130 Ohms with the switch in 4L. the information number on the engine sticker is D9TE-9C485-AGA. 6L Vacuum Line Help Needed it still runs right now but it's not perfect because its got a gaping hole in the vacuum line and its sometimes hard to start, has a loss of power under 2k rpms, and is …. Only certain truck bed sizes are compatible with the different cab types availa. I just replaced plugs and coil packs, just because of the age of the truck, and there were a couple of coil packs that had the …. I found a line drawing for it online a week or two ago,. The emission hose routing diagram should be on a 3" x 5" sticker either on the underside of the hood or on the top of the radiator support or on the air cleaner housing cover. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - 2011 4x4 Vacuum Line - I joined this forum to identify a problem based on a new noise. 4 the vacuum line came off the back. 4- fuel pressure regulator line (short small diameter hose runs from #6 intake runner to fuel pressure. Need vacuum line diagram for a 1993 ford f150 5. I have a chiltons manual and it has 87, then jumps to 90. In this video, I show you how to replace the vacuum lines, the vacuum canister, and an AC check valve. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-07-28. Pic 2 shows a general design that Ford uses. 4wd vacuum line diagrams, 2004 F150. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150; 2004 - 2008 Ford F150; 1997 - 2003 Ford F150; Engine / Drivetrain Talk; How-to Section; Super Duty Forum; Special Edition Models; Pre-1997 F150. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-09-27. - black line, they go to the cabine. Vacuum diagram 4x4 locking hubs 2004 f 150 4x4. If you’re looking for a Ford auto locking hubs vacuum diagram, you’ve come to the right place. The Mid support cardan shaft is broken. Rod-Knox February 27, 2016, 10:48pm 14. Check for vacum at white line with engine running. jpgk them back to tI have a 2004 ford f-150 off …. 2003 Engine bay Vacuum Hose Diagram. I noticed a couple days ago that the red vacuum line that goes down behind the engine has been plugged near the valve cover. Looking for a vacuum hose diagram for my 02 4. The vacuum hose on the Fuel Pressure Regulator goes to the intake manifold. It included the evaporator housing, dash vents, vacuum operated controls but was heat only. 6 Ford Engine Vacuum Lines. I've been browsing the IWE threads & see reference to check valves and vacuum reservoirs, I've also seen reference to a vacuum system. Be the first to answer May 10, 2015 • 1989 Ford F 150. Pamela, Normally vacuum line routing can be found under the hood of truck, on Rad support or on the underside of hood. 4WD is mainly used in poor driving conditions such as snow or mud. 2004 - 2008 F150 - Replaced Hubs & IWE actuators, looking for IWE Vacuum Diagrams - Hi guys, I just replaced my actuators & hubs (and rotors) and everything is working as expected. This means the power booster is working properly, according to James E. E150, E250, E350, E450 and E550. I have also seen this subject on other F150 forums. 60 Answers Without more detail it is hard to say which diagram you need but if you copy and paste this into google. Radiator hoses are a vital part of the cooling system that carry hot coolant from the engine through the radiator and circulate it back — cooler — to the engine again. 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 1991 F150 Vacuum lines diagram - I am looking for a vacuum line diagram for my 1991 F150, 302, air. Received 1,196 Likes on 964 Posts. or how to save 14 hours in one day. Now I got a headache of a mess in the shop. 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - Question about a P0174 code & Vacuum hose - For the last few weeks I have had a CEL coming on from time to time. Fuel pressure vacuum line. 4 3v triton, vehicle is rough idle, no power. See less See more 2 Ingot Silver 2013 F-150 Supercrew 5. 4 new body style that has a vacuum leak on the passenger side somewhere, I can spray carb cleaner between #3 & #4 cylinder around the intake area and the engine speeds up, I have heard about the intake bolts leaking air. 5L EcoBoost engine may exhibit an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) with diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P04F0 and/or P144C stored in the powertrain control module (PCM). Found a complete diagram for my 351W that the Ford dealer couldn't even produce. 0 F150 Intake Manifold Runner Control Issues. This compression creates a force on the walls of the line that is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside. An I also believe a couple may be coolant line of some one could post so pics so I can see where they go it would be great can get some pics later. 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - IWE Vacuum Line Diagram - I need to replace my IWE Vacuum lines. Penland Ford Senior Master Technic. 4 Triton engine and are having trouble finding the brake booster vacuum hose diagram, look no further! This guide will …. Ford Truck Technical Diagrams and Schematics. The blue and pink lines obviously connect into the solenoids. V8 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated. 2003, 2004, 54, 54l, diagram, diagrams, engine, f150, ford, hose, line, liter, routing, v8, vacuum. Here is a diagram I found, might help. 3) Pull the front dash bezel off so that the A/C control panel can be removed. The most common symptom of a vacuum leak is a check engine light. 4 ford expedition there is a valve mounted on firewall which has two vacuum lines going into it and it controls heat and AC controls vent, floor, vent and floor and d 2004 F150: 5. Auxiliary relay box (with DRL) diagram. The Ford F150 is one of the most iconic and popular pickup trucks on the market. I need some help with some vacuum lines that either missing or broken on my truck. 4), and I could hear the vacuum leak that is apparrently causing the erratic idle, and PO171 & PO174 to come up. These systems may become damaged in a crash. Can you show a picture of were to reconnect these lines. Ford EGR Valve EGR Vacuum Solenoid ">Part 1. Which line is the line from the engine, the one with …. I can see where the label used to be, there's a small piece of it left, it looks like the previous knucklehead I mean owner used a pressure washer and got to close to it and it peeled off. Vacuum hose routing diagrams. Remove the battery and check the reservoir and hoses for cracks. The Ford F150 is one of the most popular and powerful trucks on the market. October 20, 2022 Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Tarek The Ford F150, renowned for its robustness and durability, boasts a complex vacuum system essential for its optimal functionality. 2004-2014 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram ID Location (2004 04 2005 05 2006 06 2007 07 2008 08 2009 09 2010 10 2011 11 2012 12 2013 13 2014 14) by admin • May …. Ford® Climate Control Parts (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling …. Now, on the backside, you will see the (G) which is Mid Floor. Remove the screw using a screwdriver, you can also pull it if there are no screws. The brake booster vacuum supply hose attached to the. 99L bought new, Forged short block with a main cap girdle, ARP bolts and studs, I W dampner, ported PI heads, 1-7/8" long tubes, 3" full exh, ported Eaton, long bars, solid motor mounts, Trans by A-1, 18 lb pullied. Check out the diagrams (Below). Took it to the dealer and they want a 1011 bucks to repair because they say. High pressure cut off - on the high pressure hose near the condensor just below the high pressure access valve. A/C moves from panel to defrost and back under acceleration. 0, and while reaching down to plug a coil back in my arm hit hit this plastic vacuum hose, and cracked the head off of the connector that is in the air intake hose. Vacuum hose diagram ford escape. If the CMCV is stuck open, that means the PCM can’t regulate the amount of air entering the engine. I've heard that several of these have failed and started getting loud. My 2004 f150 does not always work in 4 wheel drive but I replaced a vacuum line that goes to the front acuator on the front axel, then i replaced the right front hub assembly with a used one and the 4 wheel drive seemed to work fine,but the used hub was warped so i put the old one back on temporaraly and now the four wheel drive does'nt work. 1987 - 1996 F150; Google (Images) vacuum diagram for 2001 f 150 2000 -03 should be the same. Does any body have one or can you tell me where to get it. The check valve and the vacuum tank location is between the inside heater core case and the evaporator case which is under the hood on the right side of the vehicle. Replacement Control Arm Kit - for 2004 Ford F150 5. 2004 Ford Escape; Ford Escape Car and Truck SOURCE: 1979 ford f150 vacuum line routing diagram. The key to engage the ESOF system is located on the steering wheel. 2 this was the heading: 1998 ford pickup f150 fig. This detailed diagram will help you understand how the vacuum system works on your Triton Ford 5. Check the single hose running through the firewall from the reservoir. Please note that the 3rd pic is not 100% correct. com/gp/product/B004SR7JVO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&cr. Trace the Vacuum till you can see where a problem may have taken place. Note: To inform the exact spot of the vacuum hose, identify the. The intake fitting is 11/16" on our 2003. Looking for a diagram that illustrates the vacuum elbows found on the top end of the 96 F150, 4. Vacuum diagram for a 2000 f150 ford 4. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-10-18. Duffy, in “Modern Automotive Technology. 1979 Ford F 150 Vacuum Diagram. The diagrams in the service manuals are not any better. Perhaps it is out there already but I did not see it. 1997 - 2003 F150 1997-2003 F150, 1997-1999 F250LD, 7700 & 2004 F150 Heritage. Help me identify this hose on a 2004 Ford F150 with the 5. if the light don't which when pressed into 4hi or 4low. 1993 F150 5 0 Vacuum Lines Diagrams. I need some info on the vacuum lines tree in the back of the manifold. My 2004 F 150 4X4 had a vacuum problem when I bought it recently and I believe the previous owner messed with the vacuum lines going to the 4X4 solenoid and …. Got an insufficient egr flow code? Watch this video to learn how to replace a vacuum reservoir on a 1995 F150!. It appears that one end has a worn rubber elbow; that end should connect to your PCV valve. How To Test The Ford EGR Valve, EGR Vacuum Solenoid, DPFE Sensor. 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Vacuum can and lines to heater control - I have purchased a '90 F150. 4 vacuum hose diagram can be found in the maintenance manual of the vehicle. Vacuum diagram ford f150 2004 hose 150 4l 2001 line 4x4 escape intake expedition need autos weblog source fuel rail. The next step is now to test the Power Circuit (12 Volt) of the EGR Valve Vacuum Regulator Solenoid, go to: TEST 5: Testing The EGR Vacuum Regulator. I Have A 1977 Ford F250 Crew Cab 4x4 With A 351m And A. When a vacuum line is exposed to atmospheric pressure, the air inside the line is compressed. Was hoping that someone had a diagram of the vacuum system for the '98. 1980 F150 Carburetor and Vacuum Line Questions. You can get the new vacuum solenoid version Here-Dorman Version-http://www. I have looked around and cannot figure out where it connects. IWE Vacuum Line Diagram I need to replace my IWE Vacuum lines. Posted by Vacuum Diagram (Author) 2023-09-18. It goes into a junction behind the battery that looks like it ties into the lines from the IWE solinoid (two) and then a line goes into the fender out of sight behind the battery. General F150 Discussion - f150 2001 4. The one sensor towards the passenger side firewall has one line i dont know where it goes, the divers side (little grey box?) has two lines coming out of. Where does this Vac hose go?? 2001 4x4 7700 Bi-fuel 5. When disconnecting the vacuum line that leads from the pump outlet to the the brake booster/reservoir system, the clip on the vacuum line connector. A couple questions for you motorheads. 2) any info/description on “ABC fuseable link” (see G101). Blue vacuum line goes from the solenoid closest to the fender to the BACK of the vacuum diaphragm. Generally, this procedure should apply to all 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997 T-Birds & Cougars with the 4. The manual says that the fuel pressure is maintained at a constant 36. One from my truck showing the actual vacuum line. Ford Recall 08S05: Brake Booster Vacuum Supply Tube Assembly. 9 online 6 vacuum hose diagram - Anybody have a 96 online 6 vacuum diagram. The rubber vacuum hose comes off the intake manifold inside the engine compartment. You have to unbolt them and them …. they have to be used at least 4 times a year not to go bad. Long story short I need to find the vacuum diagram to finish the. Reply So I noticed that it was pulling vacuum through the vent port so guess it is bad diafram / seal inside …. 0 out of 5 stars Doesn't work 2004 ford f150. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. This may come as a shock, but all the stuff Ford put on that engine makes it run BETTER than without. Where Would this vacuum line go?. The diagram is color-coded to help you identify each component of the system. Quote: Originally Posted by pk9298. Recent 2004 Ford F150 questions, problems & answers. I found it next to the transmission dip stick tube. vacuum lines on intake manifold Ford F150 Forum Community of Ford Truck Read full answer. This is done with the Mode selector switch in 2WD and the engine must be running ( in park, take safety precautions, chock wheels, parking brake, etc ). 4x4 Vacuum Solenoid Purge Valve 4WD Locking Hub Vacuum Solenoid 7L1Z-9H465-B Compatible With Ford Expedition Ford F-150 F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550 Super Duty Lincoln Navigator. HVAC Recirculation Door Actuator (Vacuum). After some searching the culprit was identified. Thought maybe you guys can help. 5 l v 8 of course and it's running like a kid ran off a skateboard needless to say there is a ported vacuum switch on top of the thermostat housing in the engine bay that has no hoses hooked up before you ask I was gifted this vehicle I didn't do any work except rebuild the carburetor I. i saw alot of questions about where to find vacuum diagrams here and I recently found an awesome site for just that for almost any vehicle any year. 2liter vacuum hose diagram. If this is a new body style F150 there is a accuator that bolts in behind the IWE. If the pressure does not decay, the PCM concludes that the CVS is stuck closed. 1999 f150 vacum line diagram. Started with tune up - plugs, wires, cap & rotor. To anyone who has replaced theirs, what did you use?. 1999 ford ranger vacuum hose diagram. The Computer in it is a F3TF-12A650-KA with catch code of ELF. Yay for me! ( no left over bolts or nuts). Mechanical pump from ford is $90, probably cheaper online. These two hoses come off the PCV valve at the back of the passenger side valve cover.